Who's The Smartest 00's Kid?

Birt 3 des 2020
Who remembers the most about the 2000’s? Let’s find out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • mom's spaghetti

  • Might I suggest a "Really Zoomed In Photos of Celebirties" catagory

  • I know I’d fail the Slang, Music, and Fashion categories. Edit: failed Pop Culture, too.

  • Hey...I thought it was Fuck The World too...WTF? lol

  • I’m just saying where’s the bepordy shirt?

  • Goddd Kimmy is so adorable! I was so happy when she won!

  • I learned what a whale tail was in first grade (2005) when my 40 y/o teacher squat down to grab something off the floor and a kid in the back ~yelled~ “THAR SHE BLOWS” he got in so much trouble but had time to explain to us children what he meant before sent to the principles 😂

  • Jackie stay cracking me up

  • I'm pretty sure I've heard Kimmy say cool beans before

  • More Beopardy... Please? 🥺👉🏻👌🏻

  • I think keith's high

  • Damn I simp for Kimmy

  • Did you notice on the iPod question Ian buzzer didn’t ring

  • Kimmy is so adorable

  • I love Kimmy so much!! She just shines and is so genuine and adorable!!

  • Jackie is smart. She doesn’t beep unless she knows

  • I wasn't even born yet until 2002 XD

  • i like how most of the questions, they dont wait until Shayne finishes saying the actual question

  • do another!!

  • Famous people Armstrong albertinstine ext

  • U should a school one like Maths literature science art ext

  • More videos like this please!

  • I just watched the Henry Danger episode Shayne was on

  • O C T O P U S

  • Jackie at 8:36!!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Whale Tale is good fashion. Bring back the low rise jeans

  • These are my favorite type of the videos

  • Why does the host look like his style is from the 90’s tho?

  • “That’s a vibe...” *Immediately bursts into laughter* Jackie is such a MOOD

  • 2000's music was such shit

  • She beat me by 100 points goddamn it

  • I still use Aol and Aim

  • Kimmy is just a ball full of joy! Her smile is awesome!

  • Imagine not being born in 1999

  • shayne just be giving the points away sometimes

  • "The Facebook for 69 points" 2 seconds later: NICE

  • I'm so happy for Kimmy. She's become my favourite cast member

  • Pls anime anime 🙏

  • i was given a ipod mini when i was a kid...it was the worst gift ever...it was great on corrupting audio files

  • I was like three when all this stuff happened😭😭

  • Or just have a lyrics competition

  • Survival trivia/outdoors


  • The slang is same

  • The final question Is actually a discman isn’t it?

  • I always want kimmy to win and she finallly did!!

  • Love the channel!! Just received my (black)you’re my favorite pizza place shirt today and I love it!! You guys are hilarious 😆

  • The year 2000 is Gen Z not millennial. The millennium ended in 1996

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that me and Shayne share them same irk for the use of the word "fitty"

  • idk i think theres an impostor among the contestants

  • Of the 21 questions asked, I got 8 correct. And I was born in 1993. F.☹

  • We stand our 2000's queen, Kimmy!

  • Kimmy's reaction after winning the game is sooo adorable. Hope she appeared more often.

  • Kimmy is the best

  • We all know Jackie's full thought process had to be "the serious one about SPAGHETTI that is specifically not cleaning out my CLOSET"

  • Wow, she's like the girl version of Gus Johnson, super try hard without thinking of the entertainment value

  • I was born in 96 i didnt know 90% of this stuff

  • 3:41 can we all appreciate how the paper went under the table so smoothly? Thx

  • 1:50 the vote for pedro shirt😂😂😂

  • Umm not a Walkman but CD player

  • I’m just gonna leave this comment here uhhh I’m completely offended that my chemical romance wasn’t included in the music category

  • I was born in 2009 and got some of these right

  • Jackie’s too smart for smosh

  • I screamed 3 when that fruit roll up question said hello

  • Keith casually getting the Bon Iver question right AND correcting Shayne’s pronunciation.

  • I thought ftw meant "for the world" like go big or go home

  • now that ian mentioned shaggy, all thats playing in my head is it wasnt me, sugarcane, and boombastic 😂

  • wow, that final question, I can't believe Kimmy got that. thats crazy.

  • 2010's or Anime Trivia?

  • Missed oppo for Jackie to answer Gripz to the iPod question

  • I really like these trivia quizzes, you guys should do more of these. but with even more questions I used to watch smosh in middle school and I'm 26 now. Ian is my favorite because I identify with his sense of humor the most and have always liked his videos. thank you for continuing the awesome videos

  • Ya ya ya ya ya

  • Ian do mail time

  • I miss Ian doing mail time with Anthony I remember one time day got a dead fish In the mail another time they got candy and another time they got there own Pokémon card with there face on it

  • Ian looks so different look at his 2013 mail time videos and look at this video and compare Ian he so different these days

  • Why do they look like there dying more and more every episode

  • Ian was born in 1987 so why did he say 2000

  • Oi editor, you missed the colorcorrection @12:26 ;)

  • anime trivia

  • 12:21 Jackie combining two songs, Lose Yourself and Cleanin out my Closet lol

  • is it bad that I still listen to most of the music mentioned in the video?

  • Jackie: *nOicE*

  • Me who uses cool beans on a daily basis

  • The sequence between Jackie and Ian from 8:31 and 8:40 is sending me for some reason 😂

  • That intro haunts my, well everything really.

  • "We have four millennials here" Shayne was joking but Ian is technically a millennial. He's an elderly millennial, or Xennial, like me.


  • i freaking love jackie

  • Everytime I hear AFK I think of “A free kill”

  • Kimmy's excitement of winning gave me another year of life.

  • This was so damn entertaining!

  • Might be my favorite trivia episode yet. Do like a Netflix/Disney+ originals trivia

  • Does this episode seem to have worse editing to anyone else?

  • when did ian become a snacc

  • This is the best trivia episode so far.😌

  • the entire fruit by the foot section i was saying a meter

  • Anyone else slowly falling in love with Kimmy? 😂

  • 4:40 Negative, it's clearly WTF spelled backwards, so it stands for fuck the what!

  • Let's do another 2000s! Maybe a 90s one!

  • Kimmy is the cutest thing