Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Shayne vs Gus Johnson

Birt 10 des 2020
The age old Try Not To Laugh rivalry- our very own Shayne Topp vs the unshakeable Gus Johnson. Will we ever get him to break?!
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Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Gus Johnson: johnsongus
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Max CrandallProducer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
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Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Jacqi Jones
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  • What's your favorite Gus vs Shayne moment?!

  • It's like naruto vs sasuke

  • This dude gus def swallowed his water

  • Not gonna lie, Shayne went above and beyond for that....

  • shane will make gus laugh there have bee thousands, millions, billions of universes but in only 1 does he make gus laugh that is this one

  • I feel like you guys need to force Gus to put more water in his mouth. Like REEEEALLY fill it up, cheeks OUTTTT!

  • Ngl, I lost my shit at “Chapter 2”

  • Have Gus come for a harmonica try not to laugh challenge make a whole video about Shane calling him out Gus is scared Gus is a baby yoda

  • Gus "spitters are quitters" Johnson

  • I have a secret man crush on gus

  • shaynes audiobook bit is one of the funniest bits on smosh eveeeer the long pause before ”chapter 2” I LOST it

  • What is the read the Bible clip from

  • Me: *Trying to sleep* Brain: You sure look comfortable. Me: Yeah, now shut up. *30 seconds later* Brain: TIME TO FAKE FALL My entire body: 0:50

  • This is good. I like this. Old 2005-2014 Smosh is obviously better, but this is good.

  • He swallowed the water... he's cheating! Lol

  • The only 2 funny guys left on this channel

  • Me 0.0001 seconds after noticing this video : They call me the fastest Click in the West

  • To all the "gus is cheating, he doesn't put enough water in his mouth 😤" people. If Gus wasn't so difficult to break, we never would have got the Moby Dick bit. He pushes Shayne to the limits, and the limits are excellent

  • Gus is incredible

  • Omg smosh looks so different lol

  • I haven’t thought of the last Mimzy in a decade and all the haunting memories are rushing back... I might need to rewatch but I remember being so disturbed

  • Everyone in chat knows that Gus cheats He doesn't film his mouth with enough water And he swallows itn

  • That last part with Shayne was literally the most hilarious thing I have ever watched but when he said "Chapter two" dude I literally almost choked on this cake I was eating from my mom's birthday yesterday.

  • I held stronger until the bit at the end

  • Not downplaying the roles of any of the other members, but Shane absolutely dominates. That final joke is so well constructed.

  • That chapter two hit haaarrd

  • We read the bible.

  • *p a i n*

  • His Michael Caine sounds just like Mick Jagger. And I love it

  • NGL I was surprised to find out that Gus has the smaller channel on here. But maybe that's just cuz I've been watching him for years and I just found this one.

  • 3:47 if Courtney hadn't have yelled he might've actually gotten it, tsk tsk

  • Can I get that audio book bit as an audio clip? I need it in my life

  • Gus laughed every time lmao

  • *Plot Twist:* Gus Johnson Actually Laughs at Shayne's Jokes but he doesn't want everyone know he's laughing so he secretly drinks the water inside his mouth and then tries his best to not laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shayne “I read the Bible” Gus “ I ate the Bible”

  • Gus is so unbreakable

  • 5:43 that look of immense determination 6:30 the acceptance of the challenge

  • If you show Gus a photo of Pickle Rick he'll immediately lose.

  • i forgot what i was watching and started to take a sip of water

  • Imagine if Olivia is the one to crack Gus

  • gus brings a whole new definition of spitters are quiters

  • 2:30 wipe the pipe

  • Please bring Gus back!! I want to see him break so bad!

  • That last bit is Shayne's magnum opus it's such a good bit with a buildup across episodes, has folk rolling for 4 minutes straight

  • 1:29 I lmao I just realized that Shayne was in Matt Bradley attire

  • “chapter two:...” has got to be the funniest TNTL but ever

  • I still think Gus cheated by not putting enough water in his mouth.

  • Man, some comments said that he was able to laugh through the nose, and I tried, and I tried as best as I could, but at some points of the video, specially the "chapter 2", -it was so funny-, I spitted, I don't know how he managed. By the way, this is something like the anime character just keeps trying to beat the other one, but kepts upgrading and keeps his determination, you can tell Shayne becomes stronger, but still... it reminds me of Vegeta XD

  • Shayne just getting more and more angry and astounded that gus wont laugh, and gus becomming the lorax is amazing

  • The bit shane did in this video is my fave bit of all time 😂 when he’s like ‘chapter 2’ I can’t even

  • “Read the bible”

  • 5:46 why does Gus look like a 80 year old man?

  • I need to see him break

  • Holy shit man, Gus just doesn’t give up lol

  • Hey Dennis do you like kid danger and captain man

  • Dude I believe in Shane man

  • *c h a p t e r t w o*

  • Chapter 2.

  • 4:11 Courtney, you are to cute

  • I’m sorry but we need to get a try not to laugh of just those 2 in a room until Shayne gets Gus to laugh

  • Can we have an entire try not to laugh that's just shayne vs gus back and forth until gus laughs

  • I’m 3:00 minutes In and I’m pretty sure Gus is gonna win

  • He also has an almost 100% success rate in making his opponents laugh; he only ever failed once as I recall.

  • Honestly they just should do straight "don't laugh". It would be waaaay harder for Gus for sure. All along he's laughing but he's just good at keeping the water in his mouth xD We wanna see a straight "try not to laugh" video where Gus has to stay dead serious!

  • I watch this at 666k views

  • that was a rollercoaster


  • There is soo much at stake now when they do another one.

  • Holy shit Smosh is relevant still? Gus and Sven are carrying these segments


  • The way shayne looks at Gus LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who here duz not laf to the acts and sees people going I lafed my ass of

  • I've wanted this for so long! But I do wish that there was new content at the end or something

  • Chapter 2 killed me

  • At 30 seconds I guess they didn't subscribe

  • I’m convinced that if Gus was using a harmonica Shayne would have succeeded. They need to have him back now with the harmonicas.

  • I don't want to be rude i just want to make a point, what if you tried something other then recording yourself and do something that happens instantly and doesn't give him time to prepare.

  • I hope that for the next one is just a recoding of Shayne reading the shrek script in that same voice he was reading moby dick

  • I honestly feel like gus swallows. He's definitely cheating

  • Gus is just a fucking comedy genius.

  • Gus definitely laughed at "Chapter 2" haha

  • ... [Chapter Two]

  • Fuck you Gus

  • I can read the Bible harder

  • Gus is literally the only funny person in the room. This is just awkward.

  • Consider this: If Gus had laughed earlier, we wouldn't have the beautiful recording Shayne did for 3+ minutes.

  • Gus was definitely laughing, it’s just easy for him to keep the water in. I imagine it’d be easy tbh.

  • Gus, why?!! Shayne is gonna be so mentally crippled after this YOU NEED GIGGLES IN YOUR SOUL!!!!!!

  • That barbershop 2 joke was hilarious

  • Does anyone laugh at these videos?

  • Good to see the good ole days


  • I cannot express the love I have for that recording

  • When it said "chapter 2" I fucking exploded. I must have looked like a damn maniac laughing in my car 🤣

  • We need Brandon Rogers on try not to laugh

  • how did gus not laugh that last one was hilarious

  • good job ruining shaynes bit by screaming courtney. Yeah good job

  • Ah yes, the two titans of Try Not To Laugh going head to head, although it seems Shayne may need help in order to topple the ultimate obstacle: Gus The Unbroken *Ify has joined the battle!*

  • 7:52 btw Subtitles Michael Caine said: “You mean Gus Johnson? From the Gus and Eddy podcast?”

  • Pretty sure if Gus did the harmonica he'd crack